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Key Terms Midterm I - para-statal Ch 12(Iran ayatollah(p...

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38 key terms to know for final exam by Kesselman chapter, defined in glossary (with corrected page no.) [* = also in Zakaria] √ = already on midterm Ch. 9 (Brazil): privatization√ state corporatism populism* state-led development abertura export-led growth non-governmental organizations* Import Substitution Industrialization, ISI favelas proportional representation√ Ch. 10 (Mexico): mestizo indigenous ejidos sexenio clientelism North Am. Free Trade Agree., NAFTA* civil society√*[“society, civil”] technocrats
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Unformatted text preview: para-statal Ch. 12 (Iran): ayatollah (p. 579) theocracy* [“gov’t, theocracy”] Majles Guardian Council Shi΄ism* [“Shi΄ites”] Qur΄an (p. 582) shari΄a jihad (. 593)* [“Islam, jihad”] OPEC fundamentalism (political Islam, p. 587) Ch. 13 (China): communist party-state Marxism-Leninism√ collectivization (Great Proletarian) Cultural Revolution command economy sot market economy iron rice bowl (p.645) nomenklatura √ communism (p. 632)...
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