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I attended The Rice Ball with a Stone Inside

I attended The Rice Ball with a Stone Inside - I attended...

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I attended The Rice Ball with a Stone Inside: Food Metaphors and Women Sanskritists in the Neo Liberal Economy of India lecture by Laurie Patton. Patton discussed how there is an increasing number of women in India studying Sanskrit and becoming ritual specialist. These women believe that they must take up the role of preserving Indian traditions left vacant by the increasing number of men entering science and technological fields to keep India competitive in the global economy. The number of women perusing higher level education in Sanskrit has increased greatly. Patton reported that in one university department the ration of women to men is 6 to 1. Patton interviewed many Sanskritists women to discover how they feel about their position in the globalization of India. Upon further review of her data she discovered many of them discussed food. Out of the 91 interviews of women Sanskritists 57 of them mentioned food.
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