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FFL Journal #1

FFL Journal #1 - academic convocations but also the clergy...

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Michael Blasius Professor Kim FFL 101-T 12 September 2007 Convocation: What Does it Mean? Dear journal, This week, all of the freshman class had to attend the academic ritual of Convocation. I didn’t fully understand the purpose of such a ceremony until I went out and found answers to my questions. I asked some of my professors and they said that Convocation was meant to commence the new school year at Bryant and welcome the incoming freshman class to the Bryant community. They also said that it wasn’t something exclusive to Bryant. To find out more on the background of Convocation, I searched the internet for more historical information. I found out that Convocation means “calling together” in Latin and that there are not only
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Unformatted text preview: academic convocations but also the clergy of the Church of England would have convocations to unite their clergy. As far as academic convocations go, not all convocations are the same as the ones we hold at Bryant. Academic convocations can be used to elect new leaders of the student senate or any academic position for that matter. Also, graduation ceremonies at some universities are called convocations instead of the usual term, commencement. After attending convocation at Bryant, I learned that it is indeed a long-lasting tradition at Bryant and very symbolic of the values that Bryant holds to....
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