FFL Journal #2

FFL Journal #2 - showed me some flaws I had made in my...

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Michael Blasius Professor Kim FFL 101-F 26 September 2007 FFL Journal Entry #2 This week I utilized the campus service of ACE. I first called the writing center to schedule an appointment to help me revise my paper on gun control for my political science class. While on the phone with ACE I scheduled an appointment for 5:00 PM on Sunday the 23 rd .Before the appointment I expected to sit down with a writing specialist who would correct my errors in grammar and also help me express my ideas more clearly. My expectations were fulfilled when I met with my writing specialist and he read my paper and gave me advice on my paper. He
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Unformatted text preview: showed me some flaws I had made in my paper that I hadn’t noticed when I proofread it on my own. These errors included a run on sentence and simple mistakes with writing in different tenses. Even more helpful was when my writing advisor showed me clearer ways to express my thoughts I had written in a somewhat indirect way. This was a very positive experience and it let me know that I can depend on ACE for any problems in my academics I should run into over the course of my enrollment at Bryant. I intend to use Ace in the future as often as I see fit and will not hesitate to contact them for assistance....
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FFL Journal #2 - showed me some flaws I had made in my...

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