FFL Journal #3

FFL Journal #3 - attempt to peel myself away from my...

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Michael Blasius Professor Kim FFL 101-T 2 October 2007 How I Currently Manage My Time Dear journal, I have been asked to write on my current time management and my skills in that area. I feel that I am a poor time manager because I often put things off until the last possible moment. My typical day is broken down as follows. I usually wake up late, about twenty minutes before my next class, and get ready for class as quickly as possible. Sometimes this causes me to forget things I need for class because I am in such a rush. Oftentimes, I don’t have time to shower, eat, or do other things I would like to take care of before class starts. I go to class for the next three hours and I usually grab food from Subway and relax for the next few hours. These hours are the least productive in my day because I usually just lie around tired from class. I then go to dinner at around six o’ clock and eat for the next thirty minutes. When I’m done eating I go back to my room or hang out with my friends until it occurs to me that I have work to do at which time I
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Unformatted text preview: attempt to peel myself away from my friends. It doesnt always work which is what causes me to be up until the late hours of the night doing class work. I would like to put myself on a better schedule so that I can more things done during the day such as eating three meals for example. I also think I need to better regulate my sleep schedule because I often take to much time for sleep and dont leave myself enough time before my classes and sometimes I just oversleep my classes causing extra work on my part. I think these will be hard things to change because I am very used to sleeping many hours of the day and I also have a very hard time waking up the first time my alarm goes off. I think that if I allocate myself enough time for a good nights rest, I will be able to wake up on time the next day the first time my alarm goes off. This will result in me being healthier and more productive because I will have given time to those things which are most important in my day....
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FFL Journal #3 - attempt to peel myself away from my...

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