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Spanish- Culture Night

Spanish- Culture Night - -Mexico was the site of Amerindian...

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Alex Macomber 11-16-06 Prof. Delgado-Turner Ch. 6-7 Quiz Culture Extra Credit Culture Night Domenic Hall 11/16/06 In culture night in my dorm each wing represented a different country. There were games, prizes, food, and fun facts for each. The countries varied from Italy to Ghana. I learned a lot about the culture and the food from each country. Interesting Facts: -Italians consume half a pound of bread each day. Eyeglasses were invented in Italy, and they import 75% of their energy. -France was once Roman conquered and has a variety of cuisine that can only compare to that of the Chinese. They are considered very difficult to understand. -Ghana was declared independency in 1957. A few of their resources are gold, rubber, and salt. They are home of the Black Star’s soccer team.
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Unformatted text preview: -Mexico was the site of Amerindian civilizations. It declared independence in the early 19 th century.-Australia uses the Australian dollar and Canberra is the capitol, although Sydney is the most populated.-Scotland invented golf.-Yokozuna means grand champion in Japanese.-Greece has very spicy foods and crazy dances. You could win tickets at each country doing different challenges and games. My floor was Ghana and you could win tickets by doing a dance. There was a raffle at the end of the night for an iPod and other various gift certificates. Unfortunately I did not win, but still had a good time, and got free food too . *Attached is my passport, proving I went to every country....
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