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Spanish- Moto Diaries

Spanish- Moto Diaries - The Motorcycle Diaries was a pretty...

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Alex Macomber October 23, 2006 Prof. Delgado-Turner Motorcycle Diaries After watching The Motorcycle Diaries my opinion of South America as a whole changed. What interested the most about the continent is that, unlike the United States, every place in S. America is unique. America is becoming more and more like the run of the mill towns with the same businesses, same highways, same parks, and same schools. I enjoyed watching the interesting culture of the South American countries. What I noticed is that there were no prospering locations throughout the movie. This could be due to the time it took place, because even America wasn’t thriving during the 1940’s.
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Unformatted text preview: The Motorcycle Diaries was a pretty good movie. It showed how important family and friends are. It depicted where dreams can lead you. I felt sorrow for the lepers that Ernesto Guevara was attempting to treat. He was determined and it showed that there are wonderful people allover the globe. It was enjoyable to watch because I understood some of the language, and yet when I needed to I could read the subscripts. Watching Spanish movies is definitely enjoyable and worthwhile....
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