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How was the Bhakti movement a departure from the Hindu tradition of the classical Sanskrit texts? The Bhakti movement was in Tamil which “was a vernacular language associated with powerful emotions”  according to Oxtoby. It was the first time literature survived “expressing devotion in a mother tongue.  The  bhakti movement made religion more understandable on a communal level. Some believe the “saints gathered  the truth from the incomprehensible Vedas and made it accessible to everyone.” What is meant by the terms Sagu a and Nirgu a? Give at least one example of each of these approaches from  the Songs of the Saints of India. Interpret and explain the image of the Gopī. Compare and contrast the main goals and philosophies of at least two of the following reform movements: 
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Unformatted text preview: Brahmo Samj, rya Samj, Ramakrishna mission, and Aurobindo Ashram. Why are temples significant to the religious, social and cultural life of Hindu communities in the U.S.? Temples become a center of culture for the United States Hindu community. They teach languages and dances of certain regions to people who would grow up without the customs otherwise. Thanks to temples Hindus living in the United States can relate and communicate to Hindus in India and across the globe. Temples in the US often feature architectural and design features of temples. They may feature more than one god so many Hindus in the area can come there to worship....
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