Oct17 - 10/17/07 HW The "earthist" and...

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10/17/07 HW The “earthist” and “grassroots” visions of the good life are similar in that they both reject the neoliberal notion of wealth and prosperity of global goals. However, the earthist vision of the good life focuses on a good life for all human beings and the planet. The central values of the earthist good life are: mutuality, justice, and sustainability. Those proponents of the earthist vision recognize that people are all fundamentally interconnected with each other and the earth. Decision-making must occur within the paradigms of respect and mutuality for humans and nature. Whenever a decision is being made, it must be made with a perspective on how others in the community may be affected and how the environment may be affected. Insight to what is good is defined by the common good; and action is good can only if the given action reveres human integrity and the preservation of nature. Justice is the next focal point of the good life as defined by
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Oct17 - 10/17/07 HW The "earthist" and...

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