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DateThermodynamics - recalculate new tf continue loop until...

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Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 12:17:59 -0500 2 of 29 From: "William A. Engblom" <[email protected]> Subject: Answers to HW Set #5 due Wednesday: 08_SP_ES_305_03DB To: "08_SP_ES_305_03DB":; 4.7: tf = 15.36 days (hint: need get nonlinear equation first, 0 = 200,000 - 100,000*exp(- tf/20) - 10,000*tf) You can solve eqn for tf using ITERATIONS where you reorganize equation as tf = function(tf), guess tf value, and solve for new tf, then use new tf value as new guess to
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Unformatted text preview: recalculate new tf, continue loop until converged on tf value. 4.25: a) 26.89 kg/hr, b) 362 K 4.36: make plot of T2 vs. V2. It should be almost linear curve with V2=550 at T2=13.63degC, so you need minimum of only 3 points to show curve. 4.46: p1 = 25.0 bar (from interpolation) 4.78: temp rise = 0.6degK (note: you have two inlets and two exits fro CV enclosing the heat exchanger here)...
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