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Test 1 review questions 1. What type of metamorphism is associated with magmatic/fluid contact? Contact Metamorphism 2. If an igneous rock is felsic, it will most likely contain a large amount of what two minerals? Quartz and Potassium feldspar 3. What does atomic number mean? The number of protons in in the nucleus. 4. What are the basic building blocks of minerals called? Chemical Elements 5. What are the 3 agents of metamorphism? Heat-Pressure-Fluid 6. What are the two most abundant minerals found in the Earth? 7. What is atomic mass number? Total number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus. 8. What is the difference between biochemical and chemical sedimentary rocks? Chemical- originate from soluble material produced by weathering. Bio-Chemical- Contains fragments or fossils. 9. How are conglomerate and breccia different? What does this tell us about the transportation distance of the grains? Conglomerate- rounded particles- transported a distance away from the source. Breccia- angular- not transported far from source. 10. What is the soil profile and what horizons or layers are present? Profile is arrangement of horizons, horizons are the different layers:topsoil,true soil, and subsoil. 11. Shale is the parent rock to what low grade metamorphic rock? Slate 12. What is the difference between erosion and weathering? No movement is involved in weathering. Erosion is movement and contact. 13. Name a mafic rock that has an aphanitic texture. Name a felsic rock that has a phaneritic texture. 14. What is lithification and what is involved in the process? the process in which sediments compact under pressure , expel connate fluids , and gradually become solid rock. 15.
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Test 1 review questions 1-1 - Test 1 review questions 1...

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