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Test 2 Study Questions 1. List and describe the three types of plate tectonic boundaries. Divergent -plates move apart +upwelling of material from mantle creating a new sea floor Convergent - plates move toward each other =subduction of oceanic lithosphere into mantle Transform - fault boundaries= plates grind past each other. 2. What are different types of glacial moraines and describe each? Lateral-formed on sides of valley floors Medial- formed as a retreating glacier meet to form a single ice stream Ground formed below the glacier as it is retreating 3. What are the two main ways in which glaciers move? Basal slip and plastic flow 4. What are the two ways glaciers erode and describe each? - 5. What is a hot spot and what has formed from hot spots? Partial melting of hot rock as it enters the low pressure environment near the surface. Hot spots are responsible for creating Hawaii. 6. What is the difference between the zone of aeration and saturation? Pg 136 7. What causes a glacier to advance, become stationary, and then retreat? 6 PG 165 8. The two types of lithospheric crusts are called Continental and Oceanic . The continental crust is primarily made of granite rocks while the oceanic crust is made of basalt rocks. 9. How did the Himilaya Mountains form. Convergent boundaries- The collision of India and Asia 10. The Epicenter is the location on the surface of the Earth where an earthquake occurs. 11. What are the two types of glaciation and describe each. Alpine- confined to a small area Continental - large ice sheets that cover a large amount of land. 12.
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Test 2 review questions2 - Test 2 Study Questions 1 List...

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