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Review sheet Chapter 2: Water and its Unique Properties This list is only a study guide , not a complete list of all the material on the test. As you study, see if you can answer these questions in your own words without referring to your notes or textbook. Any material discussed in class is potential test material. These questions and your lecture notes should show you which sections of the book you need to read more closely. Please bring questions to office hours (M, W 11.30 -12.30 PM; Thurs 10.30 -12 ) or by appointment. 1. What type of bond is found
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Unformatted text preview: between water molecules? 2. List 4 special qualities of water. Explain why water has these qualities. 3. Ice has a _______ (higher or lower) density than liquid water. Why? 4. Know the details of pH scale…What is an acidic solution. Understand how the concentration of hydrogen and hydroxyl ions change with an acidic solution 5. A pH 4 solution has _______________ hydrogen ions than a pH 8 solution does. (Remember that the pH scale is a log 10 scale) A. 4 times more B. 4 times less C. 40000 times less D. 10000 times less E. 10000 times more...
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