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MKTG 301 - Introduction to Marketing Management Course Syllabus Course Objectives As marketing evolved in the 20 th century the role of marketing in organizations has also evolved from a production orientation to a customer / market focused orientation. Effective marketing is critical to the success of an organization because it focuses on satisfying the ever-changing wants and needs of people. Without satisfied “customers” an organization will not long survive in the 21 st century. This course is designed to introduce you to the field of marketing. Specifically, the course objectives are: 1. To provide you with knowledge of the history of the field of marketing and the current understanding of the definition and scope of marketing. 2. To familiarize you with basic marketing vocabulary. 3. To understand the marketing process and the variables that influence it, and are influenced by it, in consumer and business to business markets. 4. To illustrate marketing activities and ways that marketing relates to other business activities. 5. To provide you with frameworks for developing marketing strategy and a working understanding of tools and tactics useful in implementing marketing strategy 6. To sharpen your analysis of business strategy and tactics from a marketing perspective Required Text Kerin, Hartley and Rudelius, Marketing: The Core , 2 nd Edition. Irwin/McGraw-Hill. The textbook is also available as a digital book for half the price at Each student will also be required to lease the right to use the software for the PharmaSim computer simulation game. Please note that you are leasing the right to use the software for a specified period of time, NOT purchasing the PharmaSim book or purchasing the software indefinitely. Each student MUST lease the right to use the software to participate in the computer simulation and the class. It’s the law. Of necessity, the course stresses breadth rather than depth. Issues, problems and specific marketing functions for which there are entire courses will be covered in only one lecture. Do not let this bother you. It is understood that this course cannot fully prepare you to perform as a
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Mktg301_syllabus_032508 - MKTG 301 Introduction to...

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