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Study Questions 1-2 - Answers to Biology 370 - Questions...

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Answers to Biology 370 - Questions 1-2 1. Describe a human character with at least two distinct states. An example of a characteristic of humans with two distinct states are toes. When born, toes can either be normal with having five distinct digits of the feet or they can be webbed. Webbed feet is characterized by the fusion of two or more digits of the feet. 2. Describe a character in any single species other than humans with two distinct states. Agouti and yellow coat color in mice The caudal fin of betta fish has two distinct states. It can either be a single tail or a double tail. The single tail is dominant, and the double tail is ressesive. Susceptibility vs. resistance to an antibiotic in bacteria normal or bar eyes in Drosophila - the fruit fly red and white eyes in fruit flies Complete albinism in animals is a recessive state which is a pigmentless animal in a normally pigmented species. For example an albino alligator; the dominant pigment in a normal alligator is a green color but in alligators that receive the albino recessive state are white. The Bengal tiger's coat can either be orange or white in color. White tigers are often mistaken as albino tigers or another sub-species of tiger; however, the white coat is actually a recessive trait of Bengal tigers. An example of two distinct states of a character in an organism would be the presence or absence of tusks in male Asian elephants. The male will either develope them as he matures, or he won't. Tusked males have been most prevalent (probably due to greater ease in securing mates) but poaching of these animals before they have ample opportunity to breed has led to an increase in the percentage of tusk-less males. A classic example of this can be found in the pea plant (Pisum sativum). Mendel observed several traits that have two distinct characters. A few examples are flower color, seed shape, and seed color. Flower color can be purple or white, seed shape can ce round or wrinkled, and seed color can be yellow or green. A character with two distinct states in a species other than humans could be the eye color in domestic dogs. Eye color can be either blue, green, brown, or hazel (as is the case with humans also). 3. Describe a character found in the Class Mammalia with at least two distinct states. An example of a mammalian characteristic with at least two different character states is locomotion. We humans are described as bipeds because we are able to stand on two feet. This means we move in a bipedal manner. However the majority of mammals walk on four legs and are known as quadrupeds. Also, bats have evolved the ability to fly rather than walk. 4. What does it mean for a character state to be ancestral? For a character state to be ancestral, it must be found in the common ancestor of a species.
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Study Questions 1-2 - Answers to Biology 370 - Questions...

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