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EALC 1021 - EAST ASIAN CIV: MODERN Arch-Conservatives: Saving China by Tradition In the mid-1800s, China was locked in the grips of two different forces vying to rip the nation from its roots. An external crisis with the west was threatening to strip China of her assets and diplomatic status. At the same time inner turmoil was scratching at the core of the nation. Modernization had brought about China’s dilemma, and only a return to tradition could mend the wounds. In the following paper, I will discuss the internal and external crises facing China, along with the solutions of arch-conservatives such as Zeng Guofan and the Empress Dowager Cixi. Trading with the British did not begin well, as China’s single trading port was less than sufficient for the economically motivated west, namely England. At first the scales were tipped in China’s favor as the British craved their tea, yet England had little to offer to balance the trade market. The Brits would find balance, however, in the trade of
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