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The Selfish Gene Question Set 2 Chap 6. Genesmanship 1. What is "Green Beard Altruism?" Is it an evolutionary stable strategy? 2. How does Dawkins suggest that a gene could "recognize" copies of itself in other individuals? 3. How is that parents and children certainly share half their genes, but siblings only share half their genes on average ? 4. How do you calculate the coefficient of relatedness? 5. What is the coefficient of relatedness for first cousins? Aunt and niece? Grandfather and granddaughter? 6. Dawkins (p.93 ) says a suicidal gene would increase in frequency if it caused the death of its bearer but saved the life of five brothers, but not if it saved the life of only five cousins. Why? 7. Why should grandparents be more altruistic toward grandchildren than grandchildren to grandparents? 8. How can all this work if individuals are not conscious of their coefficient of relatedness? 9.
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