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Final Exam Study Questions 1. Describe Darwin’s lines of evidence for the fact that evolution has occurred. 2. Describe Darwin’s model for evolution by natural selection. 3. Define or describe: ¾ Natural Selection ¾ Sexual Selection ¾ Fitness ¾ Genetic Drift ¾ Biological Species ¾ Anagenesis ¾ Cladogenesis ¾ Outgroup Comparison ¾ Altruism ¾ Meme 4. Be able to name the five Geologic Eras and give a brief summary of the major evolutionary events within each era. 5. How are anagenesis and cladogenesis each part of the process that has produced the "tree of life?" 6. Be able to give evidence for evolution with examples from each of the following areas: ¾ The geographic distribution of species ¾ The anatomy and morphology of species
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