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Zach Finney College Life and Alcohol February 13, 2008 Module 2 Essay College provides the average student with much more freedom than high school does. First off, you are completely on your own and you get to choose what to do and when to do it. I think that the freedom we are given is essential preparation for life on our own. I do think that some students abuse the freedom they are given. Another example is that instead of studying and preparing for class, some students stay out late and party on a regular basis. I do believe that students should have fun, but they should realize that the main reason most students are here is for learning and starting a career. Our newfound freedom is very good for us, so we can learn how to be responsible. We must learn how to balance our time between school and play. I think the meaning of learning outside the classroom as much as learning in means a lot. Students learn different materials in the classroom, but outside they learn how to live.
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