Intro to Crim. - Finney 1 Zach Finney Introduction to...

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Finney 1 Zach Finney Introduction to Criminology TV Show: Without a Trace, on TNT Date of Show: February 6, 2008 Without a Trace For my Criminology topic I watched the television show, “Without a Trace.” This particular episode was about a Latino boy in New York City. The boy’s name was Nelson. Nelson’s family had illegally moved to the United States a few years back. They had worked through another Latino man to get into the States and he was collecting money from the family on a regular basis. At the beginning of the episode Nelson was kidnapped. He was taken from the streets of New York City in the middle of the day. This is when everything started to get interesting. The FBI was the criminal justice personal that were involved with the kidnapping. In the show, the FBI was treated very poorly. The Latino families that were involved with Nelson and the crime believed the FBI was just trying to get them kicked out of the country. In reality, they were just trying to help find Nelson. There was also a small part of the show where police were involved. The director actually made police sound like they were bad authorities. The police were told about the crime that had been done and they just blew it off. In real life I don’t know if this would actually happen. When someone goes missing, no matter the ethnicity, I hope there is some sort of help given by all authorities. I found that this particular show did show some goods
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Intro to Crim. - Finney 1 Zach Finney Introduction to...

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