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Creative Technology – CHEN 1000 Nano-fiber Technology Since the carbon nanofiber was first discovered, much has been speculated as to the possible future of this durable, flexible material. Up until recently, there was no economically feasible way to produce a uniform, configurable product. The common way is to manipulate the individual fiber on a nano-scale. Now, scientists are experimenting with a revolutionary process to make this fiber on a grander scale. I chose this topic, because the potential future of this material seemingly endless, and is very interesting. The smallest fibers produced are minute, yet there is a push for tinier, more versatile materials. The main problem with this is the limitations of how to commercially produce this material. Now, scientists have come across a way to produce a nano-scale fiber. A process called continuous electrospinning produces this carbon nanotube. In this process, tiny polymer jets are ejected when an electric force is applied to the polymer. The main advantage of this top-down nanomanufacturing process is its relatively low cost
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nanooo - Creative Technology – CHEN 1000 Nano-fiber...

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