1022 Lab Report 10

1022 Lab Report 10 - Abstract Determining the voltage...

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Abstract Determining the voltage output of a thermistor at variable temperatures involves finding your constants first such as the thermistor’s type, room temperature resistance, and calibrating the voltage circuit. The object of this experiment is to understand the error of self heating in a thermistor. To do this, one must set up the experiment by having a constant, room temperature, and running voltage through the thermistor for a length of time (in our experiment, 8 minutes). Our experiment shows voltage increased as temperature increased. This happened because more voltage causes the thermistor to heat up. The thermistor was shown to be especially sensitive to any temperature changes including a breeze or an air conditioner coming on. Objective The objectives of this laboratory are to determine; 1) Thermistor type through experimental measurement, 2) A calibration curve for a thermistor using a prototype half-bridge circuit, and 3) Determine if self-heating effects are significant in the circuit selected. Procedures In this experiment, you first need to determine what type of thermistor you have by warming the thermistor in your fingers while measuring the resistance of the thermistor. 1) Record the thermistor type. Check the meter before making a measurement to assure it is set correctly and to assure you do not damage the meter. Do not connect the meter to a voltage or
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1022 Lab Report 10 - Abstract Determining the voltage...

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