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Open Channel Flow - Open Channel Flow Team members Grant...

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Open Channel Flow Team members: Grant Graves, Jared Kinder, David Peper Overview We will measure the stage-discharge relationship for a model dam spillway. Equipment Tilting flume model: Hydraulic Design Test Flume Spillway Model Point gage Tape measure Procedure 1. Place the spillway model in the flume and secure with a screw. 2. Level the flume and measure the width, b , and length. 3. Lower the tailgate of the flume so it is level to allow minimal resistance. 4. Open the head gate all the way to allow the maximum flow. 5. Close the valve for pump two, and slightly open the valve for pump one. 6. Turn pump one on. 7. Measure the flow manometer. 8. Use the point gage to measure the head on the dam and the water surface elevation. 9. Open the valve a little more and repeat steps 7-8. 10. Repeat steps 7-9, until the valve is fully open. 11. Slightly open the valve for pump two. 12. Turn on pump two.
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13. Leaving pump one valve fully open, repeat the process for pump two until pump valve two is fully open.
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