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response 1 - family In Genesis 5:1-32 Noah’s family tree...

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Christina Nocito English 3312 January 23, 2008 Written Response #1 In Genesis 1-11.9 the style of writing seems to be repetitive and informative. In the beginning when the earth was created by God, the language used is powerful and repetitious it gives the reader a known sense that God is all encompassing and capable of anything including speaking life into existence. For example in Genesis 1:3 “ And God said ‘let there be light’, and there was light.” What other creature in life has the power of simply willing new life by speaking? As far as is known, none; this is an extreme power that is shown here. In another section, the writing seems to take on a listing like quality to inform the reader of the lineage of all of the characters. This allows for the reader to develop a sense of understanding of the importance of family and the understanding of the history behind
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Unformatted text preview: family. In Genesis 5:1-32 Noah’s family tree is drawn out for the reader reciting hundreds years of history and people, “ This is the written account of Adam’s line… Adam had… Seth…and other sons and daughters and lived 930 years… Seth had Enosh…who became father of Kenan…Lamech then became father to Noah.” Most readers are some what familiar with Noah and this listing of his lineage lets the reader become all the more familiar with the family that he came from and he Noah stemmed from the “first man” created by God. These two techniques really help to give the reader a sense that God has an undeniable power as a figure in this book and that as many characters as there are they are in some way traceable and related....
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