Coming of Age

Coming of Age - Anne Moody is known to be one of the...

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Anne Moody is known to be one of the greatest fighters for the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. She grew up in the south and endured many hardships. She is a good example of what typical life was like in the south. She grew up not really understanding why she was different, only that she was. As she got older she grew curious of the world around her. She wanted to know more than just what people told her. She grew active in her community and took action against what she believed to be right. In her autobiography, Coming of Age in Mississippi , Anne Moody goes from a girl naïve to the racist world around her, to an active member of the civil rights movement. As a child, Essie Mae did not realize the “differences” placed on her by being darker skinned and she strived to understand why she was being judged differently than the white children she befriended. Essie Mae was very naïve to the world. All she knew was what her mother told her or what she heard from the white people she worked for. She did not realize she was different until people told her she was. Essie Mae had been playing with the white children down the street for a long time. One night, her family decided to go to the movies and saw the white children there. The children ran and met up with each other and Essie and her siblings went to sit
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in the downstairs section with the white children. The rule was that “Negroes sit upstairs in the balcony and the whites sit downstairs” (33). Essie Mae and her siblings had specifically not followed these unwritten laws and felt the repercussions. On the way back home her mother was telling her what she could or could not do and Essie Mae realized, “Up until that time I had never really thought about it. After all, we were just playing together” (33). This was the first moment in her childhood that she realized that she was seen as different. This was the moment when she realized she could not ride bikes down the street with the white children because she looked different. Another significant time in her childhood was when
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Coming of Age - Anne Moody is known to be one of the...

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