Bio1500 - Test 1 Notes

Bio1500 - Test 1 Notes - 12:03:00 ← The Origin of Life...

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Unformatted text preview: 13/02/2008 12:03:00 ← The Origin of Life ← 1. Age of Universe is ~13.7 billion years (according to Hubble telescope) ← 2. Earth is ~4.6 billion years old ← 3. Fossils indicate life existed 3.5 to 3.8 bill yrs ago ← a. 1st life can identify is fossil bact ← 1. bact easy to identify: unicellular & no nucleus ← a. =prokaryotes ← b. bact were only life for ~1.5 bill more years ← c. ~2 billion years ago a new type of cell with nucleus appeared ← 1. =eukaryotes ← d. all life single-cell until ~1.2 billion years ago ← 1. when nucleated multicellular organisms appeared ← What is life? ← 1. All Life: ← a. composed of 1 or more cells ← b. has growth & development ← c. ATP-based metabolism ← d. can reproduce ← e. has homeostasis ← 1. =maintenance of stable internal environment ← f. has DNA-based heredity ← 1. tells how to build cells, materials & to metabolize like parents ← g. sensitivity to stimuli ← Everything living on earth now and back to 3.8 bya appears to possess the above characteristics ← a. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to conclude that with all these important similarities, all life had a common origin ← ← There are 2 basic creation stories with variations on each: ← a. 1st & most widely believed creation story holds that a God created life ← 1. This is not incompatible with what is known of basic properties of life or of life having evolved ← 2. Because it would not be surprising that if one God created life, He/She would create all of it according to the same basic formula, using similar chemistry ← 3. This is so-called Directed Creation Theory ← ← 2nd major story: Some believe life originated by an evolutionary transition from inanimate mols to animate life ← 1. Scientific evidence is most compatible with this one, and it is perfectly plausible that God caused life to evolve this way ← 3. Some like to look at evolution as the handwriting of God ← c. variations: life as we know it evolved from a previous form that died out & which was different from what we now have--no traces remain & we can never know its nature ← d. Life evolved 1st on another planet & was brought here intentionally or accidentally by a meteor ← 1. how life evolved on other planet we can't know, but can guess it probably did by same means it would have here ← a. would only take 1 bacteria to do this ← e. Some believe God created everything not too long ago, except made it look like it occurred much earlier than really did ← 1. i.e. universe & earth really originated only few thousand years ago as implied in some holy books & not as scientific evidence says ←...
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Bio1500 - Test 1 Notes - 12:03:00 ← The Origin of Life...

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