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Notes for Microsoft Surface - Notes for Microsoft Surface....

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Notes for Microsoft Surface. The technology behind Surface is called Multi-touch . It has at least a 25-year history, [5] beginning in 1982, with pioneering work being done at the University of Toronto (multi-touch tablets) and Bell Labs (multi-touch screens). The product idea for Surface was initially conceptualized in 2001 by Steven Bathiche of Microsoft Hardware and Andy Wilson of Microsoft Research . [6] In October 2001, a virtual team was formed with Bathiche and Wilson as key members, to bring the idea to the next stage of development. In 2003, the team presented the idea to the Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates , in a group review. Later, the virtual team was expanded and a prototype nicknamed T1 was produced within a month. The prototype was based on an IKEA table with a hole cut in the top and a sheet of architect vellum used as a diffuser. The team also developed some applications, including pinball , a photo browser and a video puzzle. Over the next year, Microsoft built more than 85 early prototypes for Surface. The final hardware design was completed in 2005. Microsoft notes four main components being important in Surface's interface: direct interaction, multi-touch contact, a multi-user experience, and object recognition. [10] The device also enables drag and drop digital media when wi-fi enabled devices are placed on its surface such as a Microsoft Zune , cellular phones, or digital cameras. [11] Surface features multi-touch technology that allows a user to interact with the device at more than one point of contact. For example, using all of their fingers to make a drawing instead of just one. As an extension of this, multiple users can interact with
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Notes for Microsoft Surface - Notes for Microsoft Surface....

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