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Mitwalli 1 1Rowda Mitwalli Crafton POS 1113 15 November 2005 Embryonic Stem Cell Research Should America play God? Do they really have the right or authority to kill one human and save many? Is embryonic stem cell research necessary or needless? The use of embryonic stem cells is an ethical dilemma that America is facing today. In the 1960s, scientists began to consider the idea of master cells when they identified cancer cells in mice forming several different tissue types. In the 1980s, researchers derived stem cells from mouse embryos and allowed them to develop cultures in labs. Researchers announced the first human embryonic stem cell line established from embryo of in-vitro fertilization in 1998. Finally in 1999, embryonic stem cells were being used for brain tissue transplants. The moral debate is the use of a potential life that requires at some point in ending it. Alternatives 1. The first alternative to this growing dilemma is to allow the scientists and researchers to continue and use embryonic stem cells in their research. A. Pro- There is many great possibilities for the use of stem cells. The most exciting is in the area of treatment of diseases and disorders. There have been many statements stating that the continuation of the research will cure diseases such as Parkinson’s, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Lou Gherig’s, Hodgkin’s, and nearly every form of cancer. It
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Policy paper - Mitwalli 1 Rowda Mitwalli Crafton POS 1113...

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