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-1Critique I really liked Unit 3 because it taught me a lot of things I could use in the workplace. Chapter 8 taught readers how to become an effective leader. On the assertiveness scale quiz, I received a score of 20. It just means I am assertive enough. I also learned what kind of leader I am from this chapter. I am a participative or team style leader which means I like to share authority with the group and value their opinions. Chapter 9 was all about motivating others. On the motivating others quiz, I scored a 91. It said I have an advanced knowledge and skill with respect to motivating others in a work environment. I found this chapter very useful because it taught you how to deal with employees that are not giving it their all. Chapter 10 was about helping others develop and grow. I loved reading the list of specific mentoring behaviors that everyone can use or go by. The attitude quiz said I have a very positive attitude towards helping, developing, and training others in the workplace. It reflects strong teamwork and a
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