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letter to a soldier

letter to a soldier - Michael Penna The Letter to a Soldier...

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Michael Penna The Letter to a Soldier was written by Saint Jerome in 374 A.D. Among the many saints, Saint Jerome is the patron saint of translators, as he is best known for his translation of the Bible into Latin. He was most likely from the upper class in society, as he had to be fluent in Hebrew, Greek and Latin. While growing up, Saint Jerome was in fact sent to Rome to be educated in both Latin and Greek. Although born a pagan, Saint Jerome converted to Christianity at the age of eighteen, following in his mother’s footsteps, who converted to Christianity as well. After more education in the classic languages, Saint Jerome went on a sojourn to the desert as a hermit. Upon return, he was asked by the Pope to translate the Bible into Latin, the language of the Roman Empire. The finished completion of his work became known as the Latin vulgate*. The letter was attempting to compel a friend of Saint Jerome to become a more holy, or pure, Christian.
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