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Michael Penna The Rule of Saint Augustine was written about the year 400 A.D. by Saint Augustine. It was written as a guideline, or rule, of the order of monastic life. It outlines how one should live in a monastic community. The document is divided into eight chapters, ranging from prayer to chastity to forgiveness. In each chapter there are points that explain how one would go about each quality. For example, in the chapter entitled safeguarding chastity, the first point mentioned is “there should be nothing about your clothing to attract attention. Besides, you should not seek to please by your apparel, but by a good life.” The intended audience of the document is those new people who are first joining a monastic community – their expectations of behavior in living a monastic lifestyle. Saint Augustine himself created a monastic community based upon the principles of monasticism. Augustine’s life beforehand was in contrast to the values found in his Rule. Augustine originally was a Manichaean – that is, he believed that one god created good and
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