History 152 - Industrial Age

History 152 - Industrial Age - Industrial Age At the end of...

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Industrial Age - At the end of the civil war, there was some industrialization. - England, Germany, and France were out producing us, but by the end of the century, we were out producing them as a whole. - During the period, productivity per worker is flat. The amount made per worker is pretty flat. - We start making some pretty crappy stuff. - Five times as much production and five times as many workers later in the century. - Arguments: 1. The United States was just lucky to get the best real estate on the Planet. A very small percent of the world is in a more desirable place than the U.S. a. We have more fresh water than anyone in the world. Particularly in The great lakes and in the aquifers below the ground. b. We have Lots of Timber. c. Also have Lots of Limestone and Iron d. Have an ocean on both sides of us 2. The Republican Argument: from 1860-1912, every President is going to be a republican with the exception of Grover Cleveland who acts like a republican. This isn’t complete republic domination, there was a fight and many elections were very close. The house of rep’s were mostly controlled by the democrats, but they were conservative democrats. The senate was always controlled by republicans (the senate is appointed, not elected). Three of the elections were fraudulent (John Quincy Adams and Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison). a. The Yankee Republicans: They are business oriented. b. Very conservative Supreme Court. They are going to say, with regard to the 14 th amendment: Labor unions have no legal existence or standing. The blacks have no rights. No protection for the worker. c. A lot of government help being given to industries. None of our major transportation industries make money. d. Subsidizing business. e. Tariff: Keeps European goods a lot more expensive and keeps the U.S. goods in need. Primary source of government income. Veterans Benefits f. A republican world is a predictable world. 2. The growth and diversity of the population. 1. Immigrants. They come from lots of different countries. 2. Women who have lots of children, with the exception of the Upper Middle Class. 3. Diversity is very important.
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4. Delayed gratification. Immigrants are perfect for that. They don’t mind living in a bad area because it is not worse than what they had at their home country. The US needed a group of people to do this with to make their children better than them. They pour their savings into their kids. 5. As time goes on, these people are a huge potential market. It becomes clearer in the 20’s. - Some people say the thing that helped us industrially is the civil war, it jump started us. - The south becomes relatively backwards on the industrial front until the 40’s 3. Technological developments that promote industrialization and the other way around. 1.
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History 152 - Industrial Age - Industrial Age At the end of...

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