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History 152 - The West

History 152 - The West - History 152 The West The great...

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History 152 The West - The great American desert. - Big Sky country, no growth of trees, empty. - A smaller percent live there now than did during 1890. - Relatively short history. At a point, we owned nothing west of the Mississippi. - Indian population fell to its lowest level in 1890. - 1870-1890 - Mormons are anomalies. Thrown out of every other state. Brigham Young brought them in illegally to Salt Lake City. - Mountain Meadow Massacre. Mormons vs. Indians - African Americans were considered agents of Satan until 1975 by Mormons - No one settled in the west, it is just a place to get through. - You had to buy or steal the land to live there - Reasons the west didn’t work : 1. Lack of water. The east coast is built around big rivers (The Hudson) 2. Lack of trees. a. Trees are the primary source of heat in the 1890’s. It is fuel. b. Need it to build a house. c. To fence in your livestock 3. Dangerous Indians. a. The Spanish introduced the Indians to the horse b. A deadly foe, horses and rifles. c. They conflict with farmers because they are essentially nomadic. d. They have very different culture from Americans 4. Bad Weather a. Terrible Blizzards. Wipes out livestock b. Floods. c. It is Tornado Alley d. Lightning Storms 5. Lack of Transportation. a. No water transportation system like the east coast b. Railroad system to come later but farmers are at the mercy of the railroad company 6. Loneliness a. No neighbors or friends in the area b. How to civilize children without friends/others in area - They had to break down the sod needed to get the actual dirt to use.
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