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Foreign Policy - 3 Foreign Policy America was relatively...

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3. Foreign Policy America was relatively benign between 1870-1890, but then became aggressive. We have always been a very violent country. Prior to the civil war, we were a very aggressive country, and we still are today. The only people who have acted like us are the Germans. Between 1870-1890, we were fighting battles on the American plains instead of with other countries. Our energy was going into breaking mountains and going and making cities from scratch. Another reason for being quiet is because of the shell shock from the past war. Over 1 million casualties from the war. Continentalism – Stick within your continent. Do not dilute the purity. Beginning in 1890, some aggressive type things started happening that indicated that we were back. We were the new kid on the block as far as international affairs go. We never really had a navy at the time. Another new kid on the block who is just as powerful as us is Germany. During the civil war, minorities of English men were rooting for us to fall apart, but they were a minority. Most wanted us to win and stuck with us. We speak the same language, have similar culture, and the Germans are scary. We almost go to war over Samoa. A typhoon comes and blows the ships out before they come to blows. 1891 – Our navy pulls into the port in Chili; sailors go into a bar and get into a fight with chili sailors. At the end, two American sailors were dead. The president wanted a formal apology or he would make war. The point it, it is a much more aggressive America than we saw before. Gold was discovered between British Guiena and Venezuela. This country is untouched. They decide this case is for the Monroe Doctrine and tell England to pull back. Cleveland is president, 1894. As to why things may be changing: 1. Politicians are exporting domestic discontent. In other words, if you’re screwing up at home. One way to get people off your backs is to start a war to take the eyes off of you. Grover Cleveland does this.
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Foreign Policy - 3 Foreign Policy America was relatively...

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