Franklin Roosevelt and the new deal

Franklin Roosevelt and the new deal - Franklin Roosevelt...

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New definition of liberals by the time that Roosevelt leaves office. In the 30’s. most of the liberals are the democrats. The lodges and the Rockefellers are still republicans. Mr. republican/mr. conservative is bob taft of ohio. What these liberals stand for: in 1933, he calls for an economic consititutional. A guaranteed minimal standard. Guaranteed education, healthcare, and housing. Not much of this actually takes place. Some characteristics we do see: concern to regulate business. .keeping people honest. Not taking it over. The TBA. It amounts to long range economic planning and competing with an economic sector. We see the federal gov’t create a safety net for which people are not allowed to fall under. Also see slowly adopted the idea of deficit spending. Only in times of depression or panic times. Spending more money than you are collecting. Goes against old republican rules. There is a flip, in good times, you bring in more money than you take out. There is a balance. Stimulating the economy in times of depression. Real concern about inflation. Liberals move away from the gold standard and the idea of wall street holding on to the peoples money. The federal reserve determines what interests will be, how much money is in circulation, etc. The liberals under Roosevelt, wanted powerful presidents. For the first time for progressives, under Roosevelt, unions come to the fore and get their bill of rights. Huge union gangs in wwII. Since Lincoln, the republicans have been the majority party. The democrats were always lucky to get a prez. From 1932 on, it was lucky for any republicans to be president. One of the biggest shift will be the African American vote. So it used to be the black vote was entirely the republican vote. Now today that is totally reversed. We see more and more Africans moving into cities A combo of AA, liberal vote, labor vote, small farmers. .roosevelt brought this together. Lasts until Reagan. How successful was this? America continues to have problems. Murder rate is higher than anywhere else. Multiples higher than Europe. Serious problems with drug abuse. Infant mortality rates are shorter here in Europe than all of Europe. Not having universal healthcare was a failure of Roosevelt. Should have it. In terms of commitment, we are soon to be lacking it for homeless, life expectancy, jobs, housing. The one part of our society that we don’t let fall is our love of the automobile. Eisenhower had the National Highway Transport Act.
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Franklin Roosevelt and the new deal - Franklin Roosevelt...

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