Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt - - - - - - - ,That Damn Cowboy, ,That...

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- ‘That Damn Cowboy’, ‘That Loose Cannon’: Refer to Teddy Roosevelt. - In his political garb during the campaign of 1800, his main thing was to outdo William Jennings Bryan. He stuck by his saying of ‘stay with the gold standard’. - He will be the 5 th and 1 st accidental president to get elected in his own right (Roosevelt). - Teddy tries from the get-go to do things that will get him re-elected. - He becomes very popular with the American people. - The republicans don’t like him, really. - He can’t play the role that the republicans want him to play. - He has too much energy. He wrestles around with his sons. He writes books. .About twenty books overall. - He isn’t capable of sitting around and taking orders. - Alice Roosevelt said, “My father has to be the bride at every wedding and the corpse of every funeral”. He has to be the center of attention. - Teddy is a bit of a bully. He stands to close to people and spits on them. He grabs and manipulates them. He just bullies them around. - Teddy is a bully among bullies. - There is a progressive bandwagon going on. We have a lot of liberals in the Republican Party. Teddy gets on the bandwagon; he doesn’t want to be old fashioned. He is progressive. - To an extent, teddy is maybe a fraud/fake. - One cause that he picks up is he uses the Sherman Anti-Trust act as it is supposed to be used. .to bust trust. - Teddy takes up a case in 1902 against J.P. Morgan, against a holding company, the Northern security company. .He uses the Sherman anti-trust act to break it up. - He says these trusts are not fair, they aren’t playing fair. He wants to restore it back to laissez faire economics. He wants an even playing field. - He breaks up a total of 44 trusts. Including the Sugar Trust, Standard Oil, and the National Harvesting Business. - No one called him teddy to his face. - A proposal to create a diff. cabinet commission with the dept. of commerce. The purpose of it would be to study business and keep an eye out for
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Teddy Roosevelt - - - - - - - ,That Damn Cowboy, ,That...

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