History - Question Problems of the working man and...

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Question: Problems of the working man and unionization. Interstate commerce commission – Administrative law. It is dealing with a complicated topic when it comes to the railroad system. Regan did away with the commission. Grover Cleveland vetoed a bill that did away with buying seeds for farmers. Not very liberal. In next election, Grover sat and did not campaign while Harrison won the people over. The Republican Party has big bucks available to swing people over. Harrison says he was ‘chosen by god’ It is under him, that the Sherman anti-trust act is a response to the bitter complaints. It says that all combinations in restraint of trade are illegal. In law school, those are called terms of heart which means you have to go to court to find out what that is. The sugar trust is called before the court, which controls 90% of the sugar in the U.S. The Supreme Court rules that 10% of the industry is not controlled by the sugar trust, and then the Sherman anti-trust act doesn’t apply. Homestead Strike: A steel mill, owned by Andrew Carnegie. Henry clay flick is the man who Carnegie put in charge of his businesses. Flick hates unions. He decides to not renew the union contract without telling Carnegie. It ran out, 3200 workers without union. He then decided to bring in prinkertons aka private army. The strike happens and 13 men are shot dead by flicks men. Harrison does nothing about this. Gov. of Pennsylvania sends in the National Guard. If you’re a striker, all of the powers that be are against you. That election, 1892, the big money stays out of it and it’s a relatively honest election.
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History - Question Problems of the working man and...

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