Chapter 5 - Chapter 5 What is Managerial Ethics o Code of...

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Chapter 5 What is Managerial Ethics? o Code of moral values that governs behaviors w/ respect to what’s right and wrong o Sets standards o Human Behavior falls into 3 categories Domain of Codified Law Standards written into legal system, enforceable by courts Domain of Ethics No specific laws Has standards of conduct based on shared values/principles Domain of Free Choice Behavior where law has no say Ex: Where eating lunch Chart page 140 Ethical Dilemma Situation when right or wrong cannot be clearly identified Criteria for Ethical Decision Making o Utilitarian Approach Moral behavior produces the greatest good for the greatest number o Individualism Approach Acts are moral when they promote the individual’s best long-term interests 1
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In theory everyone pursuing self-direction, the greater good ultimately served b/c people learn to accommodate each other in their own long-term interest. Closest to domain of free choice o Moral-Rights Approach Human beings have fundamental rights and liberties that cannot be taken away by individual’s decision 6 Moral Rights considered during decision making The right of free consent o Individuals are to be treated only as they freely consent to be treated The right to privacy o Individuals can do as they please away from work o Control information of their private life The right of freedom of conscience o Individuals may refrain from carrying out an order that violates moral norms The right of free speech o Individuals may criticize truthfully actions of others The right to due process o Individuals have a right to an impartial hearing and fair treatment
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Chapter 5 - Chapter 5 What is Managerial Ethics o Code of...

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