Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Management and Organization o Social...

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Chapter 2 Management and Organization o Social Forces Aspects of culture that guide and influence relationships Ex: what do people value? Need? Standards of behavior? Form “Social Contract” Unwritten rules Generation X workers : 30s and 40s Generation Y : Younger o Political Forces Influence of political and legal institutions on people Dominance of free market system makes managers think in new ways o Economic Forces Availability, production, distribution of resources in a society Classical Perspective o Practice of management traced to 3000 BC o Helped USA surge ahead of world in management techniques o Early study of management known as classical perspective Emerged during nineteenth and early 20 th century 1880-1920 number of managers grew drastically o Scientific Management Focuses on productivity of individual worker Frederick Winslow Taylor Decisions made by tradition needed to be replaced w/ developed procedures after careful study of situations “Father of scientific management” Henry Gantt Developed Gantt chart Bar graph measures planned and completed work along each stage of production by time elapsed Frank and Lillian Gilbreth (married) Frank o Time and Motion Study o Known for efficiency Lillian o “First Lady of Management” o Contributions to Human Resource Management o Bureaucratic Organizations Max Weber introduced ideas 1
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Bureaucracy Organizations managed on impersonal, rational basis Employment not based on who you know, but your qualifications Relies on rules and written records o Administrative Principles Focuses on total Organization Henri Fayol Unity of Command o Each person receives orders from only one superior
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 Management and Organization o Social...

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