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Cynthia Careccia English 105 1/28/08 Narrative Essay I walked down the stone-paved walkway that seemed to be its own campus. I saw rows of seats and a tall monument coming closer. There were pigeons all around. It’s funny how one of the most common birds, found in New York City, small towns, really anywhere with once edible pieces of food scattered around the area, are in such a sacred and magnificent place. I wasn’t alone. I was with a group of young adults who shared the same feelings as I did-wonder, amazement, and accomplishment. We walked not in unison, but in a way so that people would know we were American. It’s very easy to tell who is foreign or not when everyone is exclaiming, “Oh my God,” “Finally!” “It’s so pretty,” and, “I can’t believe we’re here!” Being dressed formally didn’t go unnoticed either. The girls had to wear long black dresses and the boys had to wear black tuxedos. We were excited, and no, we were not going to a funeral, despite our beautifully morbid appearances. Our expressions contrasted that fact enough. We were going to sing in the most well known Cathedral in the world, where the Pope normally resides-in Rome, Italy. Saint Peter’s Basilica, also known as The Vatican , is a remarkable place to visit, especially if you’re going to sing in it. My chorus teacher, Mrs. Gleichenhaus, planned a trip to Europe for anyone who was involved in any of the choral groups in our high school, for an extremely decent price. We did many fundraisers, which included making tons of gel candles with little decorative holiday pieces in each of them, and selling them for profit. The votives became very popular, so they weren’t hard to sell. We also sang at
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various places including my teacher’s favorite store, Chico’s, the new Price Chopper as part of the grand opening, BJ’ s , the Holiday Fest at Bowdoin Park, and school concerts. Performing our repertoire of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and some previously sung
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narrativessay - Cynthia Careccia English 105 Narrative...

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