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Cynthia Careccia 3/15/08 English 105 Argumentative essay Smoking is bad. We’ve all heard it before. So why do people still start the habit? There is no benefit to start such a vulgar disgusting addiction. You will not become popular by smoking. Maybe back in the 1960s, when cigarettes were cheap and just “something to do,” you had more of a reason to start. You could smoke in public places without getting fined and having a cigarette in you hand was deemed “cool”. But times have changed. If you didn’t smoke, you’d have more money to spend on important things, or even miscellaneous purchases that would still be more joyful than smoking. But the main consequence of smoking tobacco is not that it is expensive or may cause problems between people; it’s bad for your health and is painfully addictive. The average smoker takes 73,000 hits per year. A marijuana smoker takes only roughly 25,000 hits per year. That’s almost three times as much tobacco. There are no physical and mental reasons to start smoking. Smoking affects the lungs and heart. It can lead to cancer, emphysema, organ damage and heart disease. It’s also known to shorten your life by a possible ten years. If you are in your 20’s, you are expected to live a quarter less than a non-smoker of the same age. Wouldn’t you want to spend those ten years really living, being healthier, and being with your family and friends? The American Heart Association declares that smoking is “the single most alterable risk factor” contributing to early death in the United States. The body doesn’t need tobacco. Nicotine and cyanide are the chemicals that can kill if taken in high enough doses. When a person first smokes, the body tries to defend against the poisons. That person feels pain or burning in the throat and lungs, and may throw up the first few times they try it. Smoking also contributes to the yellowing of fingernails and teeth. Besides developing those fashion statements, smokers also transmit wrinkles and decrease their bone density, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. The bones will become fragile and more inclined to break. Forget about running a marathon to support cancer research or raise money for hospitals, because the only thing you would contribute is a bad example. You
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wouldn’t even be able to support yourself with your incapableness to run. Smoking affects lungpower. Besides harming yourself, you will harm others. If you are married or have people in the house living with you, they will have a 20% increase in the risk of coronary artery disease. Some studies have shown that this risk may be doubled. Even if you are older, quitting still has major benefits. In just twenty minutes, blood pressure and pulse return to normal. In eight hours, carbon monoxide levels are already back to normal and in twenty-four hours, your chance of heart attack has already decreased significantly. In forty-eight hours, smell and taste return to normal and walking
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smoking - Cynthia Careccia English 105 Argumentative essay...

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