lab report bs - We blanked the Spec using the distilled...

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Cynthia Careccia 9/8/07 Bio Lab Analysis Worksheet 1) Title: Protein Identification and Measurement 2) Purpose: To identify proteins by their color produced by the spectrophotometer. The more protein in a sample, a darker blue/purple it will be. 3) Laboratory Equipment and Procedure: -Glass pipettes, pipette bulbs-10 ml pipettes and Pasteur pipettes -22 test tubes -Test tube caps -Test tube racks -Copper Sulfate, Potassium Hydroxide -Protein solutions -Spectrophotometer -Biuret assay 4) In this lab, we started out using the pipettes to fill each test tube with 1 ml of the needed solutions. We then added 5 drops of Copper Sulfate and 10 drops of KOH to each tube. We then waited five minutes for the solutions to change color. When the color was visible, one at a time the tubes with 4 ml of each solution were placed in the spectrophotometer. Before they were placed, the machine had to be calibrated to zero.
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Unformatted text preview: We blanked the Spec using the distilled water solution by setting it to 100%. Then finally we took down the transmittance level numbers. 5) • 1.0% BSA darkest in color when tested-more blue • Milk solution lightest when tested • 5.0% BSA was more purple • Distilled water had the highest transmittance value of 98 while the 5.0% BSA had the lowest with a 22 • We took down the transmittance values down instead of the absorbency values 6) See graph 7) We wrote down the transmittance measurements instead of the absorbency measurements. We don’t have any averages, only one set of numbers derived from the spectrophotometer. 8) From this activity, I learned to pay more attention to directions and not make careless mistakes like taking down the wrong data. I could have been more attentive and read the lab better....
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lab report bs - We blanked the Spec using the distilled...

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