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Interview Questions 1. How long have you worked your position at this store? 2. Did you work any positions with this store before you achieved your current status here? 3. What sort of experience do you need to do the work you do? 4. What sort of experience do you want the customer to have when they come in your store? 5. Do you do anything special with the store for holiday seasons? If so what? 6. How is this company looking to expand its market in Ellensburg? 7. Do you target a specific kind of customer?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. What do you believe is the key to maximizing sales to customers? 9. How do you work with your employees to make the customer have a good experience? 10. How do you advertise for your company? What prompts you to advertise certain products? 11. If you could change something about your company to make it more successful/better, what would it be? 12. How do you work to upgrade your company and make it appeal to current needs? Market watch? The news?...
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