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1. I think that Apple is trying not only to build its amount of customers with the price cut, but with all the rules they are instating, they are also trying to control them. They don't want customer's to develop their own software and devices that can go with the Iphone; they would rather have the user purchase them from apple directly. This way it would in theory create more of an advantage for their market. 2. Yes, I feel that the negative reactions from consumers are fair. The Iphone is an expensive item, which many people feel should live up to its price by offering many accessories. However, when the user try's to add more functionality to the item that they purchased, they get in trouble for it and even get blocked off from using their Iphone. Apple's control policy really causes a headache for the consumer. 3. There's almost no doubt in my mind that customer's will seek a better and cheaper
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Unformatted text preview: alternative before buying an Iphone. The products that Nokia has follow better retail strategies, by actually serving the customer what they want, not reprimanding them. Who wants to spend a lot of money but still risk not coming to terms with a legal contract? Also, not everyone wants to use AT&T as a carrier. Perhaps AT&T doesnt even carry service in a part of the country where someone wants to use an Iphone. Its really just a bad strategy to begin with. 4. No, because I don't see many benefits from the Apples long legal agreement. I'd first sift through a long list of more open-source device's that would fulfill my satisfactions much better. Besides, if I did have that much money, I'm sure that I'd rather be investing it into a new car, seeing as how as of last week mine has become a piece of junk....
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