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BB_4 - I don’t really eat breakfast too often however...

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1. Choosing to attend CWU. I chose CWU mainly because I wanted to go to a place completely new. The majority of students from my high school kept talking about going to WSU or EWU, however I wanted to go somewhere farther to the west, because I’ve been living on the east side of the state for a while. I thought the way that the campus was set up was nice, and it was a bonus that the new SUB was being built. So basically, the location and the set up lured me in. 2. Choosing and buying your cell phone or mp3 player. With my phone, I took into consideration that I’ve had a lot of phones break on me in the past, so I read up on consumer reports about the most durable kinds of phones, and then I looked into the ones that had the most features. This way, I feel more secure that my phone will still work if I drop it. Also, I don’t feel outdated on technology because of all the attributes it has. 3. Choosing your breakfast items at the supermarket.
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Unformatted text preview: I don’t really eat breakfast too often, however when I do it’s usually items that are convenient and cheap. I usually have granola bars that I’m able to just toss in my backpack and just go with, I feel it’s a hassle to have to wake up early and cook breakfast. Also, I never really go for anything other than store brand, because they are usually the cheapest and in the morning, I’m usually too tired to worry about quality anyway. 4. Choosing the gas station you use. With the rising price in gas, I like to go for gas stations that offer the cheapest price. Even if one gas station is a fraction of a cent less than another, it will more than likely be more appealing to me. However, when I had a gas card from my parents a long time ago, I used to go to Chevron because they offered the card service. Had the card been offered by circle k, I’m sure I would’ve been using their services instead, because its far cheaper....
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