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Author: Dan Sewell Title: Kroger expands personal finance business Date: Sept 16, 2007 URL: Summary: With the rise of competitive business, companies are constantly looking for ways to get an edge in their market. Kroger, the parent company of Fred Meyer has recently begun implementing financial services within their stores. These services include Kroger brand credit cards, insurance, and now mortgages. This adds to the long list of simple conveniences that stores such as Kroger have been adding to improve their image to be one stop shops for everything. While this does offer fast and affordable services, this also creates skepticism due to their lack of experience within finance. While Kroger claims that it’s using this technique to build customer loyalty, if something was to happen with
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Unformatted text preview: Kroger’s services that ended up hassling the customer, this strategy might do the opposite. Why this is important: As large companies continue to add new products and services, their power becomes increasingly dominant. This creates easier and cheaper options for most consumers, but problems for small business owners looking to compete. Also, it’s hard to tell if a company can handle such a vast amount of objectives without having complications, and if they did have problems it would be on a much larger scale. So perhaps some smaller companies that are more efficient at their trade will end up being overlooked, due to customer loyalty and cheaper prices....
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