Preparing for Power, Prep Schools and Higher Education - Cookson and Persell

Preparing for - Preparing for Power Prep Schools and Higher Education Peter W Cookson Jr And Caroline Hodges Persell Elite colleges make admissions

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Preparing for Power: Prep Schools and Higher Education Peter W. Cookson, Jr. And Caroline Hodges Persell Elite colleges make admissions decisions through were through academic performance – until 1984 where they would consider character, personality and promise as well as scholarly attainments Legacy – having one or more parents or other relatives who attended the college to which one applies, is a decided bonus for admission PROFESSIONALISM AND PRIVATE POLICIES College advisors are well attuned to private college admissions and uses two major strategies – professionalizing their operation and using their political networks - public school resources are limited, thus limit their students to apply to six or seven - private boarding school students may file up to 15 – 24 applications the organization of the timetable prepare students and families for the distribution of knowledge on the process organize format and distribute questionnaires prepare for interviews and how to complete an application
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