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Daniel Carter Prof. Sean Purcell ENGL 1600 – 002 September 24 th , 2007 Prefect Friendship in The Last of The Mohicans Friendship is something that takes on many definitions. Throughout the novel The Last of The Mohicans , by James Fenimore Cooper, the underlying theme of friendship is explored. Cooper investigates the realms of race, family and gender within the realm of friendship. At the end of the book the reader gains some idea of Cooper’s notion of a perfect friendship. Cooper illustrates his idea with the fraternal friendship between Chingachgook and Hawkeye. They’re interracial relationship is unconditional, and is supported by their lasting reliance on one another throughout the novel. It is intriguing to consider and compare Aristotle’s natural depiction and Michel de Montaigne’s almost romantic conception of a perfect friendship, when analyzing this motif. Cooper presents many instances in which he relates his thoughts on an ideal friendship. Cooper tries very hard to make a point that the Indians are people of the woods, that of nature or savage. He thus separates the Natives from the whites in that he makes the white man to be sophisticated and modernistic. The relationship between Hawkeye and Chaingachgook represents what Cooper presents as his idealistic friendship. In chapter three Hawkeye speaks of the Mohicans, “There is reason in an Indian, though nature has made him with a red skin.” This excerpt shows Hawkeye’s understanding and relation with the Natives, even though he is a white. This is evidence that shows that within Cooper’s notion of friendship no attention is attributed towards
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Paper 1 - Daniel Carter Prof. Sean Purcell ENGL 1600 002...

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