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Lesson One: Definitions Misogyny - hatred or strong prejudice against women. Amazons - mythical ancient nation of all-female warriors Racism - "Why can't we all just get along". Having hatred against other people not of your gender or race. Homophobic - fear of the same sex relations. Also can mean having hatred against same sex couples, or homosexuals beliefs and customs. Hermaphrodite - an animal or plant having both male and female reproductive organs. This is most common in asexual animals and in some plants. Western Canon - a term used to denote a canon of books, and, more widely, music and art, that has been the most influential in shaping Post modernity - used to describe the present social, cultural, and economic state, using the term of the art movement, or cultural movement, of postmodernism and its implication of a certain reaction to a perceived failure of the modernism movement.  
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