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#5-- rogers person-centered - Alison Gilbert Coun 230...

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Alison Gilbert Coun 230 October 22, 2007 Rogerian Person-Centered Theory 1. Human Nature: Person-centered theory is concerned with people’s relationship to their environment, and whether or not their internal values are consistent with their subjective experience. The theory is concerned with each person’s worldview and experiences being unique, and the ramifications of this phenomenological perspective. Rogerian theory asserts that are not only living with in their individual experience, they are also born with a unique ability to adapt to stressors in their environment. Because of this, it is important for them foster confidence in their own innate abilities for growth, even in the most adverse circumstances. Person- centered therapy holds the role of the counselor as providing a trusting, genuine and empathetic environment where a client can discover, develop and self-actualize his or her innate resources. 2. Mental/emotional illness and psychological dysfunction happen when an individual is faced with perceived conditions of worth or stipulations to receiving love and respect. An individual will then begin to have experiences which are not consistent with his or her perceived self and experience anxiety because he or
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#5-- rogers person-centered - Alison Gilbert Coun 230...

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